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The Wanderer's Photos is a contemporary photographic website which features the latest events on the Irish Rail & LUAS networks with occasional forays to Northern Ireland, the U.K. and beyond.

The website was created 10 years ago in August 2006, hosted by Fotopic. This hosting company suddenly closed in March 2011 and a new host had to be found. After considering Flickr & Zenfolio, I found Smugmug met my requirements and the website was rebuilt over a six month period with 10,000 photographs uploaded to this new website which had been previously hosted on fotopic.

Over the last ten years, The Wanderer's Photographs has developed an extensive collection of over 28,500 photographs from 2005 to the present day chronicling the demise of widespread locomotive hauled Intercity Services & the introduction of the trains that replaced them, the "Intercity Railcars", railway & tramway openings to railway closures.  

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Quirky Glamping, Reids Transport and Michael Kennedy of the Cavan and Leitrim Railway pose for the camera after completing the transfer of 3CIG 1498 from Ongar in Essex to Enniscrone in Co. Sligo. Mon 17.10.16

October 2016 updated 21st October *

* Quirky Nights Glamping Village updated 18th October *

* North Kerry Line updated 10th October *

* Belmond Grand Hibernian 2016 tours updated 16th October *

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Irish Trains Past & Present

22043 and 22010 failed at Tullamore while working the 0950 Heuston - Galway Ety. on Sunday 16th September. The train was dumped at Tullamore and replacement sets was sourced from Laois Depot to work to Athlone and Galway for the 1700 Galway - Heuston (3ICR with another 4ICR at Galway) and Athlone for the 0730 Athlone - Galway on Monday (4ICR). <br />
<br />
22043 was repaired at Tullamore and was moved back to Laois Depot on Monday 17th October. It is pictured in the Ballast Siding at Portarlington while waiting for a driver to take it to Laois Depot. This was the first passenger train to stable in this new siding. <br />
<br />
The faults with 22010 were more serious and it required to be hauled back to Laois Depot with 22042 operating empty from Heuston to Tullamore, collect 22010 and haul it back to Laois Depot. Mon 17.10.16<br />
<br />
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Slideshow of the Week

Belmond Grand Hibernian

The Belmond Grand Hibernian is a new luxury touring train of Ireland launching the end of August 2016.

The company have converted 10 former Iarnrod Eireann MKIII carriages to tour the country with trips ranging from 2 nights to 6 nights on board.

See the Belmond Grand Hibernian website for further details.

Guests onboard the Observation Car leaving Heuston. Tues 30.08.16

Guests onboard the Observation Car leaving Heuston. Tues 30.08.16

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