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The Wanderer's Photos is a contemporary photographic website which features the latest events on the Irish Rail & LUAS networks with occasional forays to Northern Ireland, the U.K. and beyond.

The website was created in August 2006 on closed in March 2011 and a new hosting website had to be found. After considering Flickr & Zenfolio, I found Smugmug met my requirements and the website was rebuilt over a six month period with 10,000 photographs uploaded to the new website which had been hosted on fotopic.

Over the last nine years, The Wanderer's Photographs has developed an extensive collection of over 26,000 photographs from 2005 to the present day chronicling the demise of widespread locomotive hauled Intercity Services & the introduction of the trains that replaced them, the "Intercity Railcars", railway & tramway openings to railway closures.  

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141 Class

The Córas Iompair Éireann 141 class locomotives were delivered in November and December 1962 from General Motors Electro Motive Division (EMD), the first consignment being unloaded at the North Wall, Dublin on 22 November. They were numbered B141 to B177 and were an updated version of the earlier 121 Class locomotives, mechanically very similar but with cabs at each end. They are EMD model JL8 and fitted with an EMD 8-567CR engine of 960 horsepower. They weighed 67 tonnes and had a maximum speed of 76 mph. The locomotives were delivered in a new livery of brown/black/white.

Ballast Cleaning Machine 781 at work near Cherryville viewed from Kyle Bridge. Sat 26.09.15

Ballast Cleaning Machine 781 at work near Cherryville viewed from Kyle Bridge. Sat 26.09.15

Roscommon station. Sat 19.05.07

Roscommon station. Sat 19.05.07

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