September 2012 - The Wanderer's Photos
A fact I recently noticed was that the 1750 Limerick - Limerick Jct. is booked to operate via the Limerick Jct. Pocket Loop to allow the 1625 Heuston - Limerick via Limerick Jct. to depart the station. Having only ever been on the loop with RPSI Spls. I decided to travel on the 1750 service this evening to sample it on a regular service train. It is the only booked service of the day through the loop. Thurs 09.08.18

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A few minutes after 223 passed we see 234 powering out of Tullamore with the 0815 Ballina - North Wall IWT Liner with 32 TEU's out of the 36 available occupied. Tues 14.08.18

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