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088 hauls the failed 1000 Portlaoise - Limerick Materials Train back towards Portlaoise. 073 had been working the train and was declared a failure on "Bally Bank" between Portlaoise and Ballybrophy. 088 was working a PWD train from Portlaoise to Heuston. The train was dumped at Portarlington and 088 sent Light Engine to assist 073 and its train. It pushed the failed train into Ballybrophy Loop to clear the line and then 088 hauled the entire train back to the PWD Yard at Portlaoise.<br />
<br />
The 1000 Heuston - Cork was delayed 50 minutes, the 1100 Heuston - Cork was delayed by 35 minutes. These services operated wrong road between Laois Train Care Loop and Ballybrophy using the Remote Pilot Man method. Fri 08.01.16

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Approaching the Grangegorman Stop. Sat 02.12.17

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