LUAS Cross City Extension Opens: Saturday 9th December 2017 - The Wanderer's Photos
A rotting Spanish chestnut tree, which has been a very distinctive feature of a busy Killarney junction for a generation, has been transformed into a spectacular piece of wood sculpture depicting a native red deer. Expert tree sculptor Will Fogarty, of the Ballyhoura, Co Limerick based Fear na Coíllte Chainsaw Carvings, finished the project just in time for the Royal visit on Friday 17th June, a number of weeks after he commenced the painstaking and meticulous carving which shows a red deer leaping into the air. Sat 14.07.18

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A group of American tourists, who nearly got overcarried at Farranfore walk down the platform. They then attempted to walk down the platform ramp instead of the footbridge and weren't that impressed when we told them they must use the footbridge. Your not in the USA now! Sun 15.07.18

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