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European Vehicle Number (EVN) and National Vehicle Register (NVR)

Rolling stock identification numbers must enable unambiguous vehicle identification and are essential data for the railway system at:

- vehicle certification and registration;

- monitoring the vehicle in operation;

- reporting of defects observed by lineside or onboard staff;

- managing maintenance;

- handover and acceptance of vehicles between RU’s;

- defining vehicle compatibility between RUs and IMs; -

accounting and financial operations.

The relevant European bodies have made the adoption of the European Vehicle Number (EVN) system (which is a development of the previous UIC numbering system) obligatory for all Railway Vehicles which are registered for operation in any member state of the EU.

Therefore in Ireland, each individual rail vehicle must be assigned an EVN. All Irish registered vehicles must be listed in the Irish NVR (National Vehicle Register). In addition each vehicle with a cab operating in the State having a foreign registration must be registered within the Irish NVR.

Generation of the EVN

General Aspects

The EVN consists of a 12 digit number and must in many cases be accompanied by associated Markings. These contain coded information on the Vehicle Category, the index letter coding, the Letter codes on authorised countries to operate and the VKM (Vehicle Keeper Marking) Code. The EVN 12 digit number contains information in coded format.

Digits of EVN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 - 12
Information Contained Basic information on Type of vehicle and indication of the interoperability capacity Country Code (‘60’ for Ireland) Detailed Vehicle type information (based on main technical characteristics) Individual vehicle identification number (e.g. Serial Number) check digit